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Sources of Islamic laws

Sources of Islamic laws

The sources of Shariah law are utilized by Islamic students to clarify and clarify the Shari’a. There are four Islamic sources of law that are accepted universally by all Muslims. That embodies the Quran, Sunnah, Ijma’ (Consensus) and Qiyas (analogy).

Quran: Say, adapt God and also the Messenger and, if you switch away, God doesn’t like those that reject.


About the holy Qur’an God swears within the Qur’an that

“It may be a revelation from the Lord of the worlds”.


Sharia Law According to Qura’an

The Qur’an is that the initial and most vital supply of sharia law. Muslims believe the Qur’an to be the direct words of God (SWT), as discovered to Muhammad (SAW). All sources of sharia law should be in essential agreement with the Qur’an. The Qur’an was written and preserved throughout the lifetime of Muhammad (SAW), and compiled before long once the death of Muhammad (SAW). When the Qur’an itself doesn’t speak directly or very well a couple of sure subject. Muslims solely then communicate different sources of shariah.


The way of life is that the next necessary supply, and it’s the traditions or noted practices of the Prophet Muhammad, the words, actions, silent assertions of him and acknowledgments of statements and activities several of that are recorded within the volumes of Hadith literature.

“You have so within the Apostle of God a stunning pattern of conduct for anyone whose hope is in God and also the Final Day”.


Once Muslims haven’t been able to notice a selected legal ruling within the Qur’an or path, the accord of the community is sought-after or a minimum of the consensus of the legal students inside the community. Ijma’ represents the unanimous agreement of Muslims on regulation or law at any given time.

Al-Shafi’i third supply, once Qur’an and path, was Ijma’. Al-Shafai’s Ijma’ was to be associate degree Ijma’ of all the Muslims or, at least, all the learned ones amongst them.


The fourth universally accepted supply of Shariah is Qiyas (analogy).  often the case once a general principle can be applied to new things. Not like the opposite sources, that are based mostly additional or less directly on the divine commandments, Qiyas depends on the judgment of man. Qiyas represents the plan to deduce, from earlier choices, a rule that would be applied to a case ultimately linked by either the Qur’an or the way of life. Qiyas is that the most spirited an apart of Usool al-Fiqh that makes the Shariah therefore alive and modern.

Diversity of opinion exists and existed since the start of the Muslim Era. The talk continues on the sources of jurisprudence. There’s no unanimous agreement on these sources. Even Prophet Muhammad was thought to own aforesaid 

“difference of opinion among my community could be a sign of the bounty of God.”

We should pray Supreme Being (SWT) guides U.S.A. to the straight path and keep connected to its right path the trail of these whom Supreme Being (SWT) has favored, with steerage. Aameen.

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