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ISkander Ali Mirza

Iskander Ali Mirza was the first president of Pakistan. He was born on 14th December in 1898 in Murshidabad. He belonged to a wealthy feudal family of Bengal. He was a great Grandson of Mir Jafar, Who for the sake of giving the way to the British in Bengal deceived Muslim ruler, Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula.

His father was Sayyed  Muhammad Fateh Ali Mirza. He had the nationality of British India and Pakistan. He completed his early education at Elphinstone College in Bombay.

Early Life

Iskandar Ali Mirza 4th Governor General of Pakistan.
Iskandar Ali Mirza

Later on he moved to England for his higher studies at the “Royal Military Academy Sand hurt”, in 1918.  After he returned to India and was appointed in the “British Indian Army” in 1920, then he left the army training in 1926. After he joined the Indian Political Service and was posted as Assistant Commissioner in Northwest Frontier Province.

Partition of India

He also worked as a joint sectary in the ministry of Defense of the united Indian. At the time of Partition of India, he was elected as a member of the team that was to divide the personnel and assets between the Indian and Pakistan Army.

He worked as a secretary to Government from 1948 to 1952, then he was elected as Governor of East Pakistan in 1954 at the time of independence of Pakistan. He worked at this position for about seven years.

1st President of Pakistan

According to the 1956Constitution, Iskander Mirza became the first President of Pakistan. His Presidency, however, marked with Political instability which saw his unconstitutional interferences in the civilian administration that led to the dismissal of four Prime Minister in two years.

President Iskander Ali Mirza abrogated the 1956 Constitution, the chief Martial Law administration and enforced the first Martial law to crush the rebellions in East Pakistan. Enforcing through his army commander General Ayub khan who dismissed him on October 27, 1956. A few days later, he was exiled to London, England.


He died in relative poverty in London on 13th November 1969, of a heart attack. The ruler of Pakistan General Yahya khan didn’t accept him to burial in Pakistan, but his friendship with the shah of Iran led to the Shah sending his personal plane to bring his body to Tehran, Iran. Where he was accorded a state funeral. He was remain buried in Tehran, Iran.

Personal Life

Iskander Mirza married Rifat begum on 24th November 1922, and he had four daughters and two sons.

In 1954, this Pakistani leader married an aristocratic lady Naheed Amirteymour.

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