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PBF operates in Brazil

PBF operates in 5,570 municipalities in Brazil

PBF operates in 5,570 municipalities in Brazil. The project is accessible throughout Brazil through a network of 176,000 local people.

Many welfare schemes are launched in poor countries with the aim of keeping the country’s poor above the poverty line. But unfortunately, the poor benefit the least from all such schemes.

The latest example of this is the results of Benazir Income Support. According to government records, 820,165 people are receiving Benazir Income Support who do not deserve it. There are employees and 140,000 people who are either government employees themselves or their spouses holding government positions.

Please put your hand on your heart and tell us that after this we should not be ashamed of being Pakistani and should not apologize to all the poor people whose rights were eaten by these 820,165 unscrupulous people.

Poverty and inequality is a huge problem of Pakistani society but these problems cannot be solved by the government alone. For this we all have to play our part. We have examples of countries that started such projects because Has not only significantly reduced their country’s poverty.

In fact, those countries have become economically strong.
In the 1980s, Brazil ranked second in the world in terms of unequal income. GDP was 9.1. In 2003, under the leadership of then-Brazilian President Lola da Silva, the Bolsa Family PBF program was introduced under local administration. Is a welfare scheme aimed at providing income as well as social security to the poor and helping without discrimination.
In 2003, 70 BRLs were given to a household with a monthly income of 70 BRLs. In addition, 32 BRLs were given to 5 children under the age of 15 and 38 BRLs were given to 2 children between the ages of 15 and 17. 242 BRLs could have been given to more than one household, but the government has also set some conditions for the payment and in order to get the money, all the conditions have to be met, including school attendance of minors, children’s These include immunizations, special care for pregnant women and treatment for young children.
The job of local governments is to report the data to the federal government and all payments are made by the federal government itself. Each beneficiary family receives a debit card and all payments are made through it and if any recipient family meets all the conditions Failure to do so will result in suspension of payment.
PBF reaches 11.1 million households and 46 million people each year, making it the world’s largest CCT program.
PBF operates in 5,570 municipalities in Brazil. The project is accessible throughout Brazil through a network of 176,000 local people. The PBF has successfully reduced poverty, hunger and inequality in Brazil. In addition, the PBF solves the health problems of 10 million people each year and ensures that 15 million children attend school.
Brazil is currently part of the Association of Five Emerging Economies, which includes Brazil, India, Russia, China and South Africa.

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