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Restrictions lifted Wuhan china

Restrictions lifted Wuhan china

Restrictions lifted Wuhan china

From the Wuhan china, which became the focus of the epidemic, today, after two and a half months of quarantine, restrictions were lifted. Transport communication with the metropolis restored. Stores, enterprises and public transport resume their work. The city is returning to normal. The joy of meeting with relatives and friends is greater than ever. Parks are filled with happy citizens. More details are our colleagues from China.

From early morning, queues are already lining up for the famous Wuhan noodles throughout China

Tatyana Nikitina

Tatyana Nikitina, a correspondent for the CGTN-Russian television channel: “I am in red today. For the first time in a long time. In China, this color symbolizes prosperity. Today, after two and a half months of quarantine, Wuhan is open again. For millions of people, this day will go down in history”.

The alluring aroma of the famous Wuhan noodle in China. As before the epidemic, queues are already lining up in the early morning. Not too long and dense yet, but still. People missed the opportunity to enjoy their favorite meal in the fresh air.

I’m proud of my city. Wuhan survived, we survived!

The same phrase is pronounced by Yang Jin. Her family knows firsthand about coronavirus. 22 days after hospitalization, the girl was discharged from the hospital. A little earlier her parents returned from other hospitals. During treatment, Yang Jin began to keep a video diary. And she continued, returning home.

Wuhan residents are optimistic about opening trading floors

11 large shopping centers have already begun work. Before entering, visitors are given free masks and hand disinfectants. The stores exhibit summer collections.

Enterprises are operating at full capacity. In the industrial park, more than 10 thousand companies returned to work. They were given preferential terms on rent and taxes. But most of all, the inhabitants of the metropolis were waiting for this day. Today restored transport links with Wuhan. The local airport has begun work. The day before, complete disinfection was carried out and all air harbor systems were rechecked. Exactly at midnight, all paths opened.

From the stations, trains began to leave for Shanghai and Chongqing, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shaanxi and Yunnan.

Not everything, but many Wuhan hospitals redeveloped into hospitals for patients with coronavirus who have restored their previous regime and direction. There is less load on volunteers. According to Wang Zhixiang, these two and a half months taught him a lot. Soon he will return to business, but now he will pay more attention to charity, taking care of his city and others.

An example of deep gratitude and 87-year-old violinist Wuhan Philharmonic Orchestra Wang Xin. For the first time in two months of treatment, he picked up a violin to play for the doctors who saved his life. This is a farewell sketch after the epidemic in Wuhan, doctors return to Shanghai.

“The world is worth fighting for it. Let’s fight together!”

In early March, Wang Xin and his doctor Liu Kai became famous in Chinese social networks. On the way to computed tomography, the doctor stopped the gurney to let the patient, who had not seen the sun for a month, look at the sunset. Seeing what kind of response on the Internet this photo caused, the hospitals in Wuhan and Shanghai made a poster and hung it at the entrance. The inscription on it says: “The world is worth fighting for it. Let’s fight together!”



Tatyana Nikitina

CGTN-俄羅斯電視頻道的記者塔蒂亞娜·尼基蒂娜(Tatyana Nikitina):“我今天紅了。很長時間以來的第一次。在中國,這種顏色象徵著繁榮。今天,經過兩個半月的隔離,武漢再次開放。對於數百萬人而言,這一天將成為歷史。”







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