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Infected coronavirus New York

Infected coronavirus New York

The number of infected with coronavirus in the state of New York approached 150 thousand

Latest Update on Corona Virus

The number of reported cases of coronavirus in New York alone on Wednesday approached 150,000, even though authorities warned that official state mortality data might not reflect the true number of COVID-19 carriers and people who died from it.

Local Authorities Quoted

According to local authorities quoted by Reuters, more than 200 people die every day at home in New York during a pandemic. New York City Hall officials said in an interview with agency correspondents on condition of anonymity. The increases in the number of deaths suggest that the most populous US city can underestimate how many people actually died from COVID-19.

“Each number is a specific person,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who ordered the flags to be lowered to mark the sorrow of the dead. “This virus attacked the vulnerable and the weak, and our task as a society is to protect them.”


Recall that on Wednesday the city recorded a record number of deaths per day – 779 (total 4571 people). Nevertheless, Andrew Cuomo maintains a positive attitude: he referred to the reduction in the number of new hospitalizations. Other data as evidence that the authorities are gradually gaining some control over the level of infection.

infected with the Coronavirus in New York, USA
Infected with the Coronavirus in New York, USA

On Wednesday, mortality from coronavirus in the United States exceeded 14.6 thousand cases. The second-largest indicator in the world after Italy, according to Reuters. New York accounts for almost half of the deaths.

Officials are warning Americans that this week we can expect an alarming increase in deaths from coronavirus. Although scientists as a result of modeling on Wednesday reduced the predicted mortality rate from a pandemic in the United States by 26% to 60,000 people.

Dr. Craig Smith

Dr. Craig Smith, the chief surgeon at Columbia University Medical Center at the Presbyterian Hospital, announced promising numbers indicating a fracture during the pandemic. According to him, for two consecutive days in the United States, more extracts of recovered patients were recorded than hospital admissions.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards

According to Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, the state is “starting to smooth out the curve,” since the number of new cases of coronavirus recorded in the past 24 hours – 746 – is lower than in recent days. For several weeks, Louisiana was one of the US hotspots for the spread of the virus.

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