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Holy Books

Being a Muslim it’s our belief that God Almighty sent down divine holy books for the steerage of the world on totally different Prophets. God Almighty discovered these holy books on His messengers so as to convey the message of Allah to the world. All of those divine holy books contained nothing, however, the reality of their time.


This is the revelation sent down by Almighty Allah to Prophet genus Musa (AS). The Tawrat is sometimes indicating the “Law” within the al-Qur’an. Specifically, the Law of Moses. many of us associate the Tawrat with the Torah of the person religion or the testament of the Christian religion. The actual text of this holy book has been lost Muslims believe that Tawrat is that the holy book within which true commands disclosed on Prophet genus Musa (AS) by Allah Almighty.


The Zabur is that the book of Allah that was disclosed to Prophet Dawud (AS). It means that “songs” in Arabic, as this revelation came to Prophet Dawud (AS) within the type of a series of songs or chants. the initial text of this holy book rather like Tawrat is not any longer with the US. the initial message of the holy book Zabur continues to be preserved within the Holy al-Qur’an as a result of the Prophet Dawud (AS) preached Tawheed


The Injeel is that the holy book of Allah Almighty that exposed to Prophet Eesa (Jesus, AS). Injeel means that Gospel Book or it’s usually simply translated because of the Gospel. just like the Tawrat, many of us create the error of stating the Injeel is that the new testimonial of the Bible world could continue justice.” (Quran, 57:25)

The Holy Quran:

The Holy sacred writing is that the fourth and last sacred book of Supreme Being Almighty. it had been discovered on the last Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Its primary message is that the message of Tawheed, or Moslem theism.

The Noble sacred writing is that the solely book of Supreme Being that’s still accessible in its original text. Supreme Being Almighty secure within the Holy sacred writing that His message is going to be preserved forever, and 1400 years later, that’s still true. The sacred writing that we have a tendency to use to review these days is strictly constant because of the one used over 1000 years ago.

And since the sacred writing is in Arabic, we have a tendency to forever have one, standardized version of it. The Holy sacred writing is that the final book of Supreme Being (SWT), and its core message cowl the message of all holy books of Supreme Being Almighty. Supreme Being Almighty says in Quran:

He United Nations agency has sent down the Book (the Quran) to you (Muhammad (PBUH)) with truth, confirming what came before it. And he sent down the Torah and also the Injeel. Aforetime, as steering to humanity, And He sent down the Furqaan (The Criterion) [of judgment between right and wrong (this Quran)].

(Quran, 3:3-4)

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