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Chief of Army Staff


The Chief of Army Staff  (COAS), is a military arrangement and statutory office held by the four-star rank armed force general in the Pakistan Army, Who is selected by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the last affirmation by the President of Pakistan. The Chief of Army Staff is a senior-most person in the Pakistani military who is an individual from the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee in a different limit. As a rule counseling with the Chairman joint boss to go about as a military guide to the Prime Minister and its nonmilitary personnel government in the line of guarding the land fringes of the country.

Duties and Operations

The Chief of Army Staff practices its duty and control of the operational, soldier, coordination, and preparing directions inside the military. The Chief of Army Staff has been instrumental in implementing military laws against the regular citizen-government because of the emergence of common military relations in the previous decades.

The arrangement, on a fundamental level, is unavoidably exposed to be for a long time however augmentation might be allowed from the endorsement and proposals of the Prime Minister by the President. The Chief of Army Staff is situated in the Army GHQ, and the present Chief of Army Staff is General Qamar Javed Bajwa, serving in this limit since 29 November 2016.  The assignment of the Chief of the Army Staff was made from the past title Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army in 1972.

Armed Force Head

Since 1972, there have been 10 four-star rank armed forces commanders to be selected as head of armed force staff. The Prime Minister affirmed the assignment and arrangement of the Chief of Army Staff, with President affirming the Prime Minister’s designated picking and nomination. The military authority is situated in the Army GHQ whose capacities are managed by the Chief of Army Staff, helped by the regular citizens from the Army Secretariat of the Ministry of Defense (MOD).

The Chief of Army Staff practices its obligation of complete operational, preparing and coordination commands. Because of the forces conceded by the Constitution of Pakistan to help the regular citizen government driven by prevalently chosen Prime Minister to control and the direction the peace. The head of armed force staff has been instrumental in inducing and implementing the upsets against the nonmilitary personnel government and the Prime Minister.

In 1977, General Zia-ul-Haq was the primarily armed force boss who painstakingly arranged an overthrow against Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. When the conservative restriction prompted prevalent exhibit after the general races held in 1977.

The Vice Chief of Army Staff (VCOAS), is the post that is standard appointee and second-in-direction of the Pakistan Army, announcing under the Chief of Army Staff. The capacity and extent of the bad habit armed force boss were to

practice and play out every one of the forces and capacities vested in the head of armed force staff under the law. Rules, guidelines, requests, and directions until further notice in the powers.

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