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Chief Executive

Sr. No.NameStart DateEnd Date
Sr. No.:
Gen. Pervez Musharraf
Start Date:
Oct. 12, 1999
End Date:
June 19, 2001

Complete History Chief Executive of Pakistan

Prior to that, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif elected Pervez Musharraf as the head of the armed forces in October 1998. He started to withdraw to territory controlled by the Pakistanis, a movement that attacked the military. After months of controversial issues with Prime Minister Sharif, Sharif tried to remove Musharraf from the leadership of the army.

Musharraf rejecting his landing rights back in Pakistan. The movement led to a coup by Musharraf, who became an executive director; He was appointed president 20 months later.

Controversial Referendum

A controversial 2002 referendum extended his government for five years. Musharraf was re-elected in 2007. But Torun, on his right, while the army chief was still challenged. Before the Supreme Court ruled, it suspended the constitution. Declared an emergency and rejected the judges who seemed to be able to govern it. After the challenges, he was fired (November 2007) as the leader of the army. During his presidency, He proposed a third way for various visions of conservatism and leftist ideas.

Gen. Pervez Musharraf
Gen. Pervez Musharraf

Shaukat Aziz Appointment

He appointed Shaukat Aziz instead of Sharif and led anti-terrorist policies, and became a key player in the war against terrorism led by the United States. Musharraf’s position weakened drastically in early 2008. Resignation is a threat to a possible prison movement led by the ruling People’s Party of Pakistan in 2008. Musharraf moved to London in a self-imposed exile after returning to Pakistan to participate in the elections held in Pakistan 2013. Musharraf was absent from Pakistan after the Supreme Court of the country issued a court order for him. Aziz for his alleged participation in the murders of Benazir and Bugti. When he returned, Musharraf was disqualified from joining the High Court judges in April 2013.

He did so in March 2013, but his attempt to represent the election was met with a series of legal and political problems, including many research studies in his role as president. On April 18, the Pakistani human rights tribunal did not deserve to participate in the race because he had been investigated in his attempts by law in 2007. He was arrested by Days after the investigation. In August 2013, with Musharraf still in custody, execution charges were brought against him in connection with the execution of Bhutto in 2007.

On August 31, 2017, he was declared an “absconder” of the Pakistan anti-terrorism court in the Benazir Bhutto case. Abandoned Pakistan in 2016, allegedly for medical treatment, after the travel restrictions were removed.

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